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Saturday, September 15, 2012


   When we bought this house we fell in love with the house, the land, the outbuildings, and all of its potential.  All of our needs were met, and we are viewing this as a blank slate.  So in line with that idea, we are currently doing some renovations to our barn.
   The barn is essentially a wooden shed in good condition, with a cement floor.  However, it does not quite suit our needs.  As a result,  Donald and I are working on adding a fence and gate within the barn to prevent the herd from using the entire shed.  This makes them easier to work with to administer injections, and when the veterinarian comes to visit.
     In addition, we are putting a door in the back wall of the barn for the chicken coop.  The chicken coop is going to be in the back part of the shed, with chicken wire, perches that are hinged for easy cleaning, and nesting boxes.  The chickens should start laying in the next two months, and we are very excited about it.  Also, as the weather gets colder the chickens need to have somewhere to keep warm and be protected from predators.  The predators in our area include: skunks, coyotes, fox, cats, wild dogs, raccoons, opossums, eagles. 
    Finally, the last part of the barn is going to be empty between the herd and chickens.  We will store grain in bins and some hay.  This will allow us to feed the alpacas in the mornings, without having to go up and down the hill.
     We are building this completely out of convenience for ourselves, the animals, and for functionality.  We are all about being clean, efficient, yet stylish. 

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